Resto Druid - Sharkkori

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Resto Druid - Sharkkori

Postby Sharkkori » November 16th, 2017, 4:27 pm

Name: Sharkkori - Senjin (real: Kori)

Real ID or tag: irok#1630

About you: I am 27 and have played MMOs for over a decade. I live in Wisconsin so we do a lot of beer drinking and cheese eating.

Armory: ... /sharkkori

Wowprogress: ... /Sharkkori

Logs: ... /sharkkori

Past raid experience: I just started playing wow in legion. A group of friends that we raided Everquest for 7 years switched games but they wanted to be casual and eventually slowly stopped playing. I lead the EQ guild for 5 of the years and we were #2 guild that raided 3 days a week for 6 hours a night. I am used to playing hardcore and I always want to kill teh hardest content. I'm looking for a guild to do that with. Can only PUG so many mythic + keys :) I constantly look over my logs for improvements and how to min/max.

Are there other specs and/or classes you would consider playing? I have a geared WW Monk that I play at a high level. I would consider also learning boomkin. I have a lock and hpal as well but not geared.

Hybrids, are there any offspecs you are comfortable with and willing to play part time? Not unless I got better at them.

Bonus: Any videos or streams showing you in action?
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